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Remote collaboration for Townhalls

Manage office Townhalls for remote or distributed teams with ease. Allow employees to share their questions confidentially. Simplify the internal communication between leadership during planning & preparation

It's Free! No credit card required

Communication Channel

Manage communication where work already happens (Slack!). Easy and convenient for both employees and administration. 

  • Share event details
  • Conduct employee polls

Remote Collaboration

Employees can submit their queries via slack button. Admin can collaborate during the planning process to assign queries to functional leaders. 

  • Collect employee queries
  • Assign queries to functional leaders

Anonymous Questions

Anonymity gives employees the freedom to ask their honest queries without any mental block. Get employee feedback on query resolution to drive continuous improvement. 

  • Anonymity to bring honesty
  • Track resolution satisfaction
key features

Make your Townhalls more organized and interactive with Revvi.

It's Free! No credit card required

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