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A channel for open-door communication

Open channel for employees to raise a query, share a concern, provide feedback or bring ideas, all with confidentiality. Resolve concerns before they become issues. Generate invaluable insights from employees. 

No credit card required

Communication Channel

Manage open communication where work already happens. Easy and convenient for both employees and administration. 

  • One click communication button
  • Collect, Assign, Respond & Resolve


Every communication initiated by employees is uniquely tracked. Leverage analytics to understand SLAs, resolution quality & more.

  • Ticketing system for easy tracking
  • Improve resolution Quality & SLAs


Anonymity gives employees the freedom to express their honest opinion without any mental block.

  • Anonymous two-way communication
key features

Listen, understand, empathize and resolve. 

Organize and manage bottom-up communication in the most efficient manner. Draw insights, take action and create a healthy workplace.


Drive innovation by promoting frontline employees to share ideas.


Resolve the whole gamut of employee queries with ease and efficiency.


Don't wait for surveys, let employees proactively share their feedback.


Create a safe place for employees to raise sensitive concerns with confidentiality 

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