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People Managers

Engage, Grow & Inspire  your team effectively

Positively influence people behavior by giving them challenges regularly to achieve a business, personal or a community goal. It's time to gamify employee experience to get more done & help them grow.

It's Free. No credit card required.

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How it Works

It's a Win-Win for All!

 People love taking on challenges to achieve meaningful results. You just need to do it the right way. 

Personal Learning & development Goal
Personal Fitness Goal
Pictorial representation for Business goal
Pictorial representation for progress in business goal

Business Goals

Set your business for long term success by breaking down Goals into competitive tasks

  • A new skill people should acquire to transform your team to the next level? 

  • An exploratory project or research that the team is failing to pick for a while?

  • Non-mandatory tasks which get slipped away due to lack of motivation?

Personal Growth

Help people achieve personal growth by setting them fun challenges. Make it a positive sum game.

Health & Fitness

Pursuing Hobby

Learn & Apply Skills

Enhance Personality

Personal fitness goal winners celebrating
Person taking online course to achieve learning goals
Happy expression on winning a personal goal challenge
Volunteer activity as part of a community help challenge
People collaborating to support a community initiative

Community Help

Promote people to participate in socially responsible activities. Community involvement drives engagement and builds a strong employer brand.

  • Promote employees to contribute to your CSR strategy

  • Get people to volunteer at NGOs for a cause

  • Identify and promote community involvement ambassador 

Create and manage challenges with gamification and incentivization built-in

We understand you have a lot on your plate. Let us help you increase your team productivity by keeping people motivated and get work done in a fun way.

Create a Challenge

Create a personalized challenge for your team. Define attributes to set the right context and manage the entire lifecycle of the challenge on a single platform

Participant Opt-ins

Allow for individuals to opt-in for a listed challenge. Opt-in automatically creates an initial buy-in from the employee and they are more likely to put effort to complete it.


Challenges need to have fun elements & gamified experiences for employees to drive effective participation. Add difficulty levels, Scoring, leaderboards, milestone & more.


People make stronger commitments towards achieving goals in incentivized appropriately. Add custom incentives (monetary or non-monetary) to challenges & make them rewarding for your team.

Budget Tracking

Managing and tracking budgets for incentivized initiatives can be tricky. Worry not and leave it on to us. We make it easier for you, so you only spend time making your programs successful. 

Smart Analytics

Not just for the sake of a buzzword, but we provide you with valuable insights on participation trends, completion rates, individual engagement levels, employee feedback and more. 

Sign up, be an early adopter and become a part of the solution.

It's Free. No credit card required.

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