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Engage and Delight Hybrid Teams

Social Bonding

Use our self-serve templates to launch team-building activities in <2 minutes.

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Team camaraderie

People-first leaders Trust us for driving Engagement & building a High-performance Culture.

Go Beyond Virtual Happy Hours OR Trivia Sessions 

Real-time activities are often limiting & fail to involve diverse personalities at work. Your Hybrid team needs a diversified engagement strategy with a blend of asynchronous and real-time elements.

How It Works

3 simple steps to your path to stepping up your engagement game.


Pick a use-case or a template & add custom configuration details to create the engagement activity.

Wireframe for activity creation page in Revvi's employee engagement activity tool.


​Share the event link with employees on your preferred communication channel.

Web link on creating a team building activitiy on Revvi's employee engagement activity tool.


​Employees access the event, interact & engage with peers to create social bonds.

Employees can access the event link, interact & engage with fellow peers and establish strong social bonds.

Engagement Activities that aren't just fun, but essential to Building Culture.

You'll stop wasting time juggling different tools to plan & run engagement & team-building activities.

Employee Appreciation icon

Appreciation Wall

Builds Morale, Reinforces Values

Remember the thank you notes you'd add to a colleague's desk? Use this template to run appreciation events for remote or hybrid teams.

Contest Entries Icon

Creative Contest

Uncovers Creativity, Builds Camaraderie

Run a virtual creative contest without the operational hassle. Create a contest, let employees submit entries & decide winners based on wisdom-of-crowd.

Challenges Icon


Boosts Motivation, Enhances Productivity

Positively influence behaviour by giving people challenges to achieve a business, personal or community goal with gamified experience.

Employee Celebration Icon

Milestone Celebration

Builds Team Spirit, Nourishes Relationships

Celebrate personal or professional milestones of employees with a Group Card. Peers contribute with congratulatory notes, memories, and pictures/videos.

Anxiety Party Icon

Anxiety Party

Builds Trust, Releases Emotional Pressure

Use this template to let employees express their work anxieties & get peer feedback. It helps demystify worries & find solutions collaboratively.

Ask me Anything (AMA) Icon

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Builds Transparency, Drives Alignment

Use this template to host interactive team meetings, All-Hands/Townhalls, AMA sessions or live Q&As and enable participants to ask questions.

Live Quiz.png

Live Quiz

Enhance Interaction, Builds Awareness

Run interactive live quizzes for audiences of any size. You can include it in team meetings or run an independent quiz for employee engagement.

Pulse Survey.png

Pulse Check

Measures Sentiments, Improves Inclusivity

Say goodbye to annual surveys & enter the era of real-time feedback. Short, precise, & science-backed pulse surveys to test your organization’s heartbeat.

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Celebrate Events in style & Engage People

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