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Measure, Guide & Enhance People Experience

Make your people experience strategy work & deliver business results with a new-age people experience management platform

The home page design of Revvi's employee experience maangement platform

Build a Better Team, Together.

Deliver a compelling personalized experiences in a way that’s continuous, unified and employee first!

Goals & Performance


Objectives & Key Results
Execute strategy & achieve success


Key Performance Indicators
Plan, track & deliver results


360 Review
Reviews that drive accountability & growth


Continuous Feedback
Enable continuous growth & learning


One-on-One Meetings
Strengthen Supervisor<>Report bond


Enhance visibility & Improve Closures
Drive transparency, alignment & accountability in Goals with OKRs
Revvi provides best in class tool for managing OKRs

Trusted by high growth companies

Featured Tools

Ready-to-use Engagement Activity Templates

Create engaging, personalized experiences for employees with our curated list of engagement activity templates. Use multiple templates recurringly via a single admin console. It's FREE!!

Create employee appreciation events.
Managers can create positive challenges to motivate employees to achieve more on a personal, professional, or community front.
A workshop to reduce stress, establish trust and build camaraderie amongst team members.
Run a live interactive quiz for audience of any size.
Create contests or competitions in the workplace & lets employees showcase their skills, get recognized & be rewarded.
Celebrate personal/professional milestones for employees by sharing congratulatory notes, experiences, stories, pictures, etc.
Use this template for Q&As during All Hands or Town Halls by letting employees submit questions and upvote other questions.
Conduct a pulse check for your organization on 12 scientifically designed themes covering the entire employee experience.

Built for Frictionless Adoption

Seamless integration with your existing systems & tools

Work within your existing communication channels

Revvi's platform is designed to provide significant ease for usage. Employees love its seamless integrations with their favorite workplace systems. It leads to higher participation and more powerful insights. 

Revvi works with your exisiting communication and calendar tools like Slack, MS Teams, Google Calendar, Zoom amd more

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible.

Let us help rev up your organization’s engagement & performance.

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